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DATE: 19 March 2010

Giant Trinity Advanced SL, result of collaboration between Velo Science, Giant and Team HTC Columbia, wins Best Innovation at Taipei Bike show

The Giant Trinity Advanced SL, designed by Velo Science Limited in conjunction with Giant and Team HTC Columbia, has received further recognition by being awarded the Best Innovation Award at the Taipei Bike Show. Last year the production version of the Giant Time trial bike, used initially by Team High Road HTC in the 2008 Tour de France and subsequently by Team Rabobank in 2009, also received a Eurobike award in the Triathlon category. Simon Smart, Technical Director of Velo Science says:

"That the bike is has been recognised at two of the top bike shows in the world is fantastic. We started with a clean sheet of paper when designing this bike for use by the pro teams. The production bike has managed to retain all of the original surfaces introduced by us, therefore not compromising the aerodynamics. Receipt of the innovation award is particularly satisfying because it recognises how groundbreaking the design was."

In 2009 Velo Science aerodynamically designed the Scott Plasma III in conjunction with Scott and Team HTC Columbia and is currently working on other projects which will see further frames and components being used in this year’s pro tour.

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Velo Science is a design consultancy offering engineering and aerodynamic services to the bike and other industries.  It incorporates Drag2Zero®, a protocol developed to enable professional and amateur cyclists to optimize their aerodynamic position in the wind tunnel. 

Velo Science has recently announced that from May 2009 it will be using the scale wind tunnel based at Brawn GP for rider optimization using the Drag2Zero® protocol, as well as for product design and testing.  For further information see or contact Natalie Atkins on

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